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Publishing in Ukrainian studies began at Harvard in 1968 with the inception of the Harvard Series in Ukrainian Studies. With the founding of the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard, this publishing program was broadened to include the journal Harvard Ukrainian Studies and a more diverse book publishing program. In recognition of the Millennium of Christianity in Rus'-Ukraine, the Harvard Library of Early Ukrainian Literature series was established, which publishes both facsimile and translation works from early and middle Ukrainian literature. The publications program now includes five book series, the journal, booklets and pamphlets, and online resources. Since its inception, Ukrainian studies publishing at Harvard has been made possible by generous donations from private individuals, whom we gratefully acknowledge. HURI's publications program is conducted at the high standard of scholarship and editing that one would expect from Harvard. Our books are distributed by Harvard University Press and reviewed internationally.

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HURI Publications also conducts extensive exchanges with Ukrainian studies institutions around the world. This affords the entry of works on Ukraine from these places into the general library collection of Harvard University, which might otherwise not be possible through commercial distribution avenues. HURI Publications has become the major Ukrainian studies publisher in the U.S., and provides editorial and intellectual standards for the conduct of Ukrainian studies internationally. We welcome inquiries from the general public.

In 2019, HURI established a website for the journal Harvard Ukrainian Studies, making the material more readily accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Beyond hosting the full text of the articles, the website has special features, such as the ability to "follow" a topic, to help readers get the most out of the journal.


The publications program collaborates with other centers at Harvard University and elsewhere, with partners as diverse as the Center for Jewish Studies at Harvard University and the Institute for Oriental Studies in Kyiv. The program has an ongoing collaboration with Krytyka Press, a non-profit scholarly press in Kyiv that publishes the intellectual journal Krytyka and scholarly books for the Ukrainian market. The program also acts as the formal United States representative for the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) Press, which is based in Toronto.


  • Halyna Hryn (editor of Harvard Ukrainian Studies) - AAUS Prize for Best Translation from Ukrainian into English, 2010–2011
  • Gwendolyn Sasse, The Crimea Question - Alexander Nove Prize, 2009
  • Oleh Ilnytzkyj, Ukrainian Futurism - Best Book Prize, Tenth National Forum of Publishers, Lviv, Ukraine, 2003; and AAUS Book Prize, 1997
  • Moshe Rosman (author of The Lords' Jews) - Jerzy Milewski Award, 2000
  • James Brasfield and Oleh Lysheha, Selected Poems of Oleh Lysheha - PEN America Poetry-in-Translation Prize and AAUS Translation Prize, 2000
  • Borys Gudziak, Crisis and Reform - AAUS Book Prize, 2000
  • Timothy Snyder (author of Nationalism, Marxism, and Modern Central Europe) - Oskar Halecki Polish History Award, 1998
  • Andrzej S. Kaminski (author of Republic vs. Autocracy) - Oskar Halecki Polish History Award, 1995

For authors

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