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Channell Justice Emily

Emily Channell-Justice to Lead the Temerty Contemporary Ukraine Program

The Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University is pleased to announce that Dr. Emily Channell-Justice will develop and lead its new program on contemporary Ukraine.

The Temerty Contemporary Ukraine Program (T-CUP) has been established with the generous financial support of Mr. James Temerty, a Ukrainian-Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist, and will support research on Ukraine’s contemporary foreign policy, domestic government and politics, and significant sociological and cultural trends.  

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Remembering Omeljan Pritsak on His 100th Birthday

April 7, 2019, marks the 100th anniversary of Omeljan Pritsak's birth. Pritsak was one of the founders of Ukrainian studies and the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard. An eminent Turkologist and professor at Harvard University, Pritsak's vision for a program of study on his native Ukraine helped ensure the West could become better acquainted with Ukrainian history and culture.

In honor of what would have been the scholar's 100th birthday, we're posting a biographical sketch of Omeljan Pritsak by Lubomyr Hajda. This article was published forty years ago in the journal Harvard Ukrainian Studies.  

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Ukraine in the Far East: Insights from Olga Khomenko

Olga Khomenko is a Fulbright visiting scholar at HURI for the 2018-2019 academic year. Her research focuses on the intersection of Japan and Ukraine, particularly through the lives of the Ukrainian diaspora in the Far East. On Thursday, April 4, she will present, "Making a 'Little Ukraine' in China: A Historical, Intellectual, and Social Portrait of the Diaspora (1897-1949)." The event will take place in the Omeljan Pritsak Memorial Library at HURI (34 Kirkland Street) at 12:15 p.m. and is open to the public.

Khomenko recently answered some questions to give us more insight into her research and the upcoming talk. 

Poroshenko and Patriarch

What Does an Independent Orthodox Church Mean for Ukraine?

January 5, 2019, marked the beginning of a new era for religion in Ukraine. The newly formed Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) received a Tomos, or decree of autocephaly, from the Patriarch of Constantinople. Parishes are now individually choosing to transition to the OCU.

Tornike Metreveli, a scholar who studies religion in Ukraine, recently gave a Seminar in Ukrainian Studies at Harvard. Here, he answers some questions about Orthodoxy in Ukraine and the significance of these recent events.  


Микола Рябчук в УНІГУ: Підсумки не на часі

Зараз як стипендіат Українського наукового інституту Гарвардського університету він працюватиме над темою «Православне слов'янство і проблеми модернізації: створення сучасної української, російської та білоруської ідентичності як звільнення від східнослов'янської уявної спільноти». Мета цього проекту – написання монографії, яка б охоплювала еволюцію творення сучасної ідентичності трьох слов'янських народів, і яка включала б аналіз і деконструкцію пов'язаних із цим процесом історичних, ідеологічних та квазірелігійних міфів.  

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