Happy 75th Birthday, George G. Grabowicz!

50th Anniversary GGG feature

The Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University extends its warmest wishes and heartfelt greetings to George G. Grabowicz on the occasion of his 75th birthday.

Throughout his extensive academic career, Grabowicz has profoundly influenced the development and advancement of Ukrainian studies at Harvard University and the institutional success of HURI. In his work as Dmytro Čyževs’kyj Professor of Ukrainian Literature (since 1983) and Chair of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures (1983-1988), Grabowicz gave the study of Ukrainian literature a seat at the table. While publishing regularly on a plethora of historical topics and individual writers from Ukrainian literature, he deepened the Ukrainian vein in Harvard’s humanities through courses on Ukrainian literature, comparative literature, and comparative Slavic literature.

As a professor, he has mentored, educated, and shaped the next generation of professionals and academics specializing in Ukrainian subject matter. A dynamic presence in the classroom, Grabowicz not only relays his knowledge, but engages his students in rigorous discussion and debate. Read more.

Digenis Akritis: A Border Guard Transcending Borders

Digenes Plate feature

A hybrid of oral epic and literary romance from 12th-century Byzantium, Digenis Akritis has it all: Bride-stealing and romance, bravery and battle, uncanny strength and folkloric anecdotes. While the hero works to safeguard the frontier regions of the empire, his parentage blurs the lines: His father an Arab emir, his mother the daughter of a Byzantine general. Like Digenis, the manuscripts we have today come from varied locales that transcend borders, resulting in several versions with unique features and local flavors.

One such version is the Old Slavic Digenis Akritis, which is at the core of Robert Romanchuk’s current project as a HURI Research Fellow. We sat down with Romanchuk for preliminary insight into his upcoming talk and his research at HURI. The talk, “The Old Slavic Digenis Akritis: Its ‘Formulaic Style’ and the Question of Adaptation or Translation” is at 4:30 pm on Monday, October 15, in Room S-050, CGIS South, Harvard University. All are welcome to attend. Read more.

Наукові стипендіати УНІГУ 2018 року

Fall Harvard Feature

Український науковий інститут Гарвардського університету від часів свого заснування приймає у себе науковців зі всього світу. Починаючи з 2001-го року, завдяки стипендії, яку заснували Евген і Деймел Шкляри, десятки істориків, філологів, політологів, літературознавців та соціологів мали змогу проводити інтенсивні дослідження в Гарварді й користуватися ресурсами та науковим потенціалом цього славетного науково-освітнього центру. Крім того, Інститут також має в своєму розпорядженні й інші стипендії для дослідників-україністів. Кошти для цих стипендій надходять із так званих іменних фондів, таких, як Фонд родини Алекса Воскоба (Воскобійника), Фонд д-ра Ярослава і Надії Михайчуків, а також із Фонду катедр українознавства, та щорічних пожертв численних благодійників.

Далі читайте тут.

NOW HIRING: Director for HURI's New Contemporary Ukraine Program

Job Opening

Harvard is accepting applications to fill the role of Program Director for the Temerty Contemporary Ukraine Program, Ukrainian Research Institute. The holder of this position is charged with developing and managing a new program on contemporary Ukraine. The goal of the program is to support research on Ukraine’s contemporary foreign policy, domestic government and politics, and sociological and cultural trends of significance, and to serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas about Ukraine between the academic and policy communities.

The program director works with the faculty director and executive director to set a strategy and lead day-to-day management and implementation of the program. The program will encompass research, publications, seminars, and conferences. This position reports to the Executive Director. The official job listing can be found on Harvard's Job Search website. Read more.



Monday, October 29, 2018 4:30pm - 6:15pm

The Zenovia Sochor Parry Memorial Lecture in Ukrainian Politics
The Russian Invasion Plan for Ukraine: Evaluation of the Evidence and Implications for the Future
Phillip A. Karber, President, The Potomac Foundation; Professor of Strategy and Praxis, Machiavelli Seminar, Georgetown University
Location TBA

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