Divide and Rule: Daniel Fedorowycz on Ukrainians in Interwar Poland

On Monday, March 27, HURI’s Seminar in Ukrainian Studies features Daniel Fedorowycz, Eugene and Daymel Shklar Research Fellow. A graduate of Oxford University, Fedorowycz studies inter-communal ethnic violence. During the seminar, he’ll present his research on the experience of the Ukrainian minority in interwar Poland, the prelude to his current project as a fellow at HURI. 

Although his presentation focuses on Ukrainians in Poland, the talk may be of interest to social scientists, historians, and others interested in ethnic politics in multinational states in general. 

We asked Fedorowycz a few questions about his talk and research projects. All are welcome to attend the seminar (or watch it online through our Facebook page) to learn more.

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Q&A with Alisa Sopova, Harvard's First Ukrainian Nieman Fellow

At HURI’s Ukrainian Study Group on Thursday, March 30, Alisa Sopova will describe life in the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR. Not only does she still have friends and family in the region, the journalist worked in Donbas specifically to cover the war from both sides (before coming to the United States for a fellowship year). Like her colleague and friend Anastasia Taylor-Lind, who spoke at HURI last year, Sopova has critically examined the way war is reported and documented. She abandoned the increasingly prevalent tactics of a polarized information war and instead sought to adhere to classic, objective journalism, despite a deluge of polemics and misinformation.

We asked Sopova a few questions about journalism in Ukraine and her own experiences ahead of her talk. All are welcome to join us for her talk, “Separatist Wonderland: An Eyewitness Account of the Life in Occupied Donetsk,” at 12:15pm on March 30.

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Ukrainian Studies Without Borders: HURI Sends Recent Publications to Ukraine

HURI has been donating copies of its publications to libraries and academic institutions in Ukraine every two or three years. This year, the Institute carried out such a project to deliver our publications to 34 libraries.

Altogether, over half a ton of books made their way to 34 institutions: 30 libraries across 13 cities in Ukraine and four libraries in Russia.

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