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HUS Submissions

Authors are encouraged to submit contributions that treat Ukrainian topics in the context of Slavic and European studies.

Articles submitted for publication should be analytical or synthesizing studies; they normally should not exceed 10,000 words. Review articles should not exceed 5,000 words; documents, which normally will be previously unpublished, should be accompanied by an appropriate introduction and analysis.

The journal solicits information about all publications dealing with Ukrainian studies or related subjects and invites publishers and authors of such works to submit copies for review.

All articles undergo a double-blind peer review.


All submissions should include our "Article Proposal and Submission" form filled out by the author. All documents must be submitted through Scholastica, our HUS article management system (click "Submit via Scholastica" below). When doing so, make sure your manuscript file is named with your last name and short title. The Word copy of the manuscript and the list of captions, tables, and images should all be separate files.

Guides and forms: 
pdficon small HURI Brief Submission Guidelines
pdficon small HUS Book Review Style Sheet
word icon 2 HUS Article Proposal and Submission Form

Please note:

  1. Transliteration, personal names, place-names, dates, etc. have to conform to our "Brief Submission Guidelines."
  2. Notes and citations: We ask for all notes to be formatted in Word as end notes. Citations have to follow the latest Chicago Manual of Style.
  3. Figures and illustrations: Do not embed tables, charts, or images in Word. In the text, mark the approximate location of figures and illustrations (for example “figure 1 here”). Prepare a list of captions that corresponds to the figures (“caption 1” should correspond with “figure 1”). The captions to images must include permissions, either obtained or pending at the time of submission. (It is the author’s responsibility to obtain permissions.) Upload tables, charts, and images separately, with file names that identify them (“figure 1”). Image scans should be 600 X 600 dpi and saved in jpeg format.
  4. Removal of indicators of author’s identity: Remove all information from the manuscript that could identify the author during our double blind review. For example, instead of “See my article” use “See Jane Doe” and give a citation of the work.
  5. Removable cover page: A removable cover page must have the author’s name, contact information, article title, exact word count, and 300-word abstract. 

Submission checklist

Use this checklist to ensure your manuscript submission is complete.

  • Do the place-names, personal names, numbers, dates, transliteration conform to the HURI "Brief Submission Guidelines"?
  • Have you removed indicators of the author’s identity from the text of the manuscript?
  • Have you attached a cover page?
  • Is your manuscript double-spaced and consistently in 12-point font size?
  • Are your endnotes formatted according to the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style, with a full citation at first mention and short form in subsequent citations?
  • Have you marked the text with the locations of figures?
  • Have you attached a list of captions for the figures and images?
  • Have you attached as separate files any tables, charts, or images, and labeled them with figure numbers?
  • Have you attached the "Article Proposal and Submission" form as one of the file attachments to your submission?

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