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Seminar in Ukrainian Studies

Title Published Date
The Other Dimension of Ukraine's Civil Society: Q&A with Svitlana Krasynska 01 October 2019
Imagining Ukraine: Q&A with Olga Burlyuk 28 February 2019
Ukraine's Struggle for a Future-Oriented Identity: Q&A with Mykola Riabchuk 06 February 2019
Digenis Akritis: A Border Guard Transcending Borders 11 October 2018
Білі Плями і Чорні Прогалини Української Літератури 07 March 2018
The Many Sides of Yurii Kosach: Q&A with Olha Poliukhovych 22 February 2018
Світло «Української Ночі»: Єльський Історик Про Революцію Гідності 12 February 2018
Imagining Russia: A Q&A with Igor Torbakov 13 October 2017
Democratic Peace - or War? Paul D'Anieri Assesses the Russia-Ukraine Conflict 25 September 2017
Володимир Єврейський, Людмир Український 01 May 2017
“Extracurricular Activities”: Corruption Among Soviet Ukrainian Elite 25 April 2017
Calming the Waters: Stella Ghervas Re-examines the Black Sea 18 April 2017
What Did the Crimean Khan Think? Sait Ocakli Investigates 04 April 2017
Public Health in Ukraine in Wartime: Q&A with Jennifer Carroll 17 February 2017
Fashisty: Q&A with Marlene Laruelle 06 February 2017
Ilya Repin's Ukrainian Heritage, with Svitlana Shiells 27 September 2016
Iryna Vushko on Political Elites in the Transition from Empire to States 20 September 2016