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Thanks to the donations of individuals and organizations that have supported the Institute since its founding in 1973, the Ukrainian Research Institute has advanced the knowledge of Ukraine through research, teaching, and publication.

Consider supporting the work of the Institute with a tax-deductible contribution of any size. Your support will further the growth of Ukrainian Studies at Harvard and will sustain the Institute in its mission to foster greater understanding of Ukraine and Ukrainian related topics.

Contributions that you make today will support:

  • undergraduate and graduate student summer research projects;
  • graduate student fellowships;
  • research support for visiting scholars;
  • lectures and other presentations by distinguished scholars in the field;
  • publication of the journal Harvard Ukrainian Studies and scholarly texts on topics important to the field of Ukrainian Studies;
  • scholarships to students who wish to attend the Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute program;
  • the continued development of MAPA: the Digital Atlas of Ukraine project;
  • and much more!

Recent program developments have included:

  • The publication of four books, as well as the 34th volume of the Harvard Ukrainian Studies journal. New titles include: The Battle for Ukrainian: A Comparative Perspective, ed. Michael S. Flier and Andrea Graziosi (July 2017); The Future of the Past: New Perspectives on Ukrainian History, ed. Serhii Plokhy (January 2017); Peasants, Power, and Place: Revolution in the Villages of Kharkiv Province, 1914-1921, Mark R. Baker (August 2016); and Ties of Kinship: Genealogy and Dynastic Marriage in Kyivan Rus’, Christian Raffensperger (April 2016).
  • New MAPA maps on the themes History and Identity and Language in contemporary Ukraine.
  • An active seminar and lecture series (with live streaming for viewing on the web) featuring scholars and professionals such as Anne Applebaum, who presented groundbreaking research from her new book Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine.

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