The Facsimile Reproduction of Shevchenko’s Haidamaky

"Гайдамаки": Факсимільне видання. Історія книжки. Інтерпретація. (У трьох книгах).

Григорій Грабович. Шевченкові "Гайдамаки". Поема і критика./ Наук. ред. Олесь Федорук. – К. : Критика. 2013 р. – 360 с.
ISBN 978-966-8978-67-8 (у 3-х кн.) ISBN 978-966-8978-59-3.
Олесь Федорук. Перше видання Шевченкових "Гайдамаків". Історія книжки. – К. : Критика. 2013 р. – 360 с.
ISBN 978-966-8978-67-8 (у 3-х кн.) ISBN 978-966-8978-59-6.

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To commemorate Taras Shevchenko's bicentennial anniversary, the Krytyka publishing house, together with the Krytyka Institute in Kyiv and the Shevchenko Scientific Society in America, launched a three-volume facsimile edition of Shevchenko's poem Haidamaky. The three-volume set is comprised of a facsimile edition of  Haidamaky (1841); Professor George Grabowicz's critical analysis of the poem ("Shevchenko's Haidamaky: The Poem and its Criticism"); and a historical perspective on the original edition entitled "The First Edition of Shevchenko's Haidamaky: the History of the Book," by Doctor Oles´ Fedoruk.

Unlike other works by Taras Shevchenko, Haidamaky, his first major poem, has never merited a facsimile edition—arguably, because the events of Ukrainian history it describes remain highly controversial.

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Professor Grabowicz's monograph reexamines the original version of the text and the fundamental concepts of the poem, as well as the peculiarities of its style and its critical reception from the time it was first published. He is especially keen on determining the role of Haidamaky in establishing Taras Shevchenko as the "national bard."

In a separate volume, Doctor Fedoruk of the Institute of Literature (Ukrainian Academy of Sciences) offers a thorough study and analysis of the poem by examining the original version of the text and providing informative commentary that takes the reader back to when the poem was conceived and written. What makes this monograph so valuable to scholars and readers interested in Shevchenko's work in general and in Haidamaky in particular, is Fedoruk's meticulous approach to all primary sources and archival materials, some of which are now made available for the first time.

This publication of Haidamaky faithfully reproduces the first edition in the number of pages, the size of the volume, and even the grade of paper.

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