Beginner’s Ukrainian with Interactive Online Workbook by Yuri Shevchuk

All who have always wanted to learn Ukrainian but were afraid to start, can now realize their desire with Beginner’s Ukrainian with Interactive Online Workbook by Yuri Shevchuk.

beginners ukr newsThis popular textbook was published in its second revised and improved edition by Hippocrene Books, Inc. in September 2013. It is based on the most up-to-date, innovative, and effective language teaching methodologies. 

A distillation of twenty-year experience of teaching Ukrainian at Harvard and Columbia Universities, the textbook is a breakthrough in Ukrainian language learning. It offers a wealth of interactive, richly illustrated authentic material from contemporary Ukraine that will make your language acquisition easy and fun.

The second edition has been updated with new exercises, Internet assignments, and photographs. Beginner’s Ukrainian covers such common conversational topics as meeting people, traveling, shopping, hobbies, family, vacationing, meals, weather, and much more. Its companion website offers a wealth of interactive phonetic, grammar, and conversational drills.

The textbook ensures a swift acquisition of Ukrainian conversational, reading, writing, and comprehension skills by both independent and instructor-led learners.

Beginner’s Ukrainian by Yuri Shevchuk is an excellent textbook for teaching the basics of Ukrainian to students studying the language on their own or together with others in a classroom setting. Grammar is presented in very clear, learnable chunks with useful sidebar information and interesting cultural commentary. The links to a companion website lead students to engaging interactive exercises for practicing conversation, grammatical structure, and pronunciation, including correct placement of stress. Dialogues provide useful patterns of colloquial speech, often sprinkled with snippets of life presented with cheer and good humor. An added bonus is the engaging array of visual material depicting all aspects of everyday life in modern Ukraine. Traditional drills are supplemented with puzzles and internet searches that bring out the fun in learning the language. In sum, Beginner’s Ukrainian is a must for all computer-savvy students who want a comprehensive introduction to the Ukrainian language in a format geared to the world of the twenty-first century.”

Professor Michael S. Flier
Oleksandr Potebnja Professor of Ukrainian Philology
Department of Slavic Languages
Harvard University

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