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Fellows for Academic Year 2017-2018

Nataliia Levchuk

Nataliia Levchuk

Chief Researcher, Ptoukha Institute of Demography and Social Studies

Title of Research: 

"Explaining Regional Distribution of 1933 Holodomor Losses in Ukraine: Patterns and Possible Determinations" 


While much has been published about the Holodomor’s origins, the factors accounted for variation in excess deaths have been less systematically explored. The aim of the proposed research project is to define possible determinants of regional differences in 1933 Holodomor losses and to measure the influence of these variables on mortality patterns in rural areas. The proposed regional analysis will attempt to link the historical record of the Holodomor with respective estimates of population losses at the raion level. The project has two specific tasks: 1) the collection of all available socioeconomic and other contextual indicators at the oblast and raion levels that may have contributed to regional variation of the famine losses; 2) statistical analysis of the relationship between excess deaths and explanatory variables. Small area analysis can potentially help clarify and enhance the existing hypotheses on regional variation of the 1933 famine losses and provide relevant indicators for the Great Famine digital atlas.

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