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Fellows for Academic Year 2017-2018

Mikhail Akulov

Mikhail Akulov

Dean of General Education Department, Kazakh-British Technical University

Title of Research: 

"Between Revolution and Reaction: The History of Skoropadsky's Ukraine"


This history of the Ukrainian Hetmanate under Pavlo Skoropadsky in 1918—the first English-language monograph of its kind—will depart from the conventional view that reduces the state to a mere wartime creation of Germany. Instead, it aims to show the hetmanate in the light of subsequent developments, namely as one of the prefiguations of the anti-Bolshevik far-right regimes which appeared in interwar Europe. Thus, the work would represent an exploration of the nearly successful "counterrevolutionary revolution" by arguing for its oft-neglected "Russian" parentage.

John Harvard