Shklar/USF Fellows for 2015-2016

Oksana Dudko

Oksana Dudko

Center for Urban History (Lviv), History

Title of Research:

“Staging Culture at War: Theater, Networks, and Urban Space in Lviv (1914‒1918)”

Oksana Dudko is a historian, researcher and project leader of Lviv Interactive project in the Center for Urban History in Lviv, Ukraine. In addition to her research, she teaches the course "The First World War: Between Historiography and Centenary" at the Ukrainian Catholic University. In 2011 Dudko received her candidate of historical sciences degree from the Vasyl Stefanyk National University (Ivano-Frankivsk). Her research interests include World War I, the social and cultural history of the twentieth century, the history of theater and theater management, contemporary political and critical theater in East Central Europe. During her residence at HURI her proposed research topic will be "Staging Culture at War: Theater, Networks, and Urban Space in Lviv (1914‒1918).

HURI Presentation: War and Theater: Oksana Dudko on Lviv Theater Artists During WWI

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