Other Fellows for 2013-2014

Natalia Levchuk

Natalia Levchuk

Senior Academic Associate, Institute for Demography and Social Studies (IDSS), National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Senior Academic Associate

HURI Visiting Scholar

Title of Research:

“Estimates of 1933 Holodomor Losses at the Raion Level in Ukraine”


Most demographic studies of the Holodomor have focused on the question of the total number of deaths caused by famine, and have not investigated variations in losses across Ukraine’s regions. This is a significant omission, given that statistics and recent historical studies provide evidence for strong regional differences in the number of deaths from starvation or severe malnutrition. Levchuk’s research will focus on analyzing gathered population data by raion (district) for 1933. In turn, the results of this analysis will be used to evaluate Holodomor losses on the oblast (region) level. The Institute plans to incorporate the results of this Levchuk’s data analyses into an interactive atlas that the Institute is developing. This atlas will graphically demonstrate the dramatic impact of the 1932–33 Famine on Ukraine, as well as the famine's regional disparities.

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