Other Fellows for 2013-2014

Tetiana Boriak

National Academy of Cadres in Culture and Arts, Assistant Professor

Fulbright Scholar

Title of Research:

“GIS Atlas of the Holodomor in Ukraine, 1932-33 as a New Research Took for Mapping Stalinism Crimes (on a basis of complete set of oral evidence)”


Boriak’s project will focus on oral evidence of Stalin’s crimes collected from Holodomor survivors. She plans to continue an analysis and the processing of collected testimony from approximately 4,000 to 5,000 survivors and by doing so, Boriak’s intent is to gather that data into one cohesive whole that will enhance the body of knowledge on the Holodomor. The data will address the following aspects of the Holodomor: 1. Geography of Holodomor; 2. Total expropriation of food stocks from the population; 3. intentional character of power activities that resulted in annihilation of the population; 4. Forms and methods of peasant resistance to power activities; 5. Practices of survival; 6. Events of cannibalism; and 7. So-called “food assistance” to starving people. As part of her research, Boriak plans to integrate the data into HURI’s GIS-Atlas Mapping Project.

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