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Mihaychuk Fellows for 2013-2014

Huseyin Oylupinar

University of Alberta, Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Title of Research:

“History, Memory and Identity: A Study of Crimean Tatar’s Collective Memory of the Tatar-Cossack Relations”


Oylupinar’s research will focus on the impact of the Cossack/Ukrainian – Ottoman – Tatar past on modern Ukrainian-Turkish relations, with an eye on how events of the past and ongoing developments of the present are shaping the future of these bilateral relations. Oylupinar intends to contribute to the mutual understanding of commonly shared, though not always well-known or appreciated values and interests by looking at the collective memories of the Ukrainian-Turkish interaction. The study of Crimean Tatar collective memory on Cossack-Tatar relations is essential because Tatars are a bridge between Cossacks/Ukrainians and Ottomans. Therefore, they carry a heritage from both sides. An examination of Tatar collective memory, therefore, promises to provide insights to the Ukrainian-Turkish connection. An examination of the common heritage of Turks and Ukrainians is essential in the new world setting of the post-Cold War era.