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Shklar Fellows for Academic Year 2013-2014

Olga Onuch

University of Oxford, Newton Prize Fellow in Comparative Politics, SIAS, Nuffield College

Title of Research:

“The Making of a Civil Society: Social Mobilization and Democratization in Ukraine”


Onuch notes that the “Orange Revolution” did not occur in a vacuum; rather such moments of mass-protest are connected to on-going mobilization in social movements. Therefore, Onuch research project will analyze and understand the processes and actors involved in social mobilization in Ukraine. Onuch argues that in order to better understand the current activist networks in Ukraine, we must understand those of the past. She plans to look at the Ukrainian case in a comparative perspective with other countries in the region, and thereby trace key ideas (claims and repertoires), institutions (types, structures and networks of social movement organizations) and actors (key participants including activists, politicians, and ‘ordinary’ people), involved in the mobilization process. As a result, she hope to establish a geographic and temporal map of civil engagement.