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Shklar Fellows for Academic Year 2013-2014

Liudmilla Grynevych

Institute of History of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Senior Research Associate

Title of Research:

“Chronicle of the Collectivization and Holodomor in Ukraine. 1927 – 1933 years. The Beginnings of Forced Collectivization, Dekulakization and Mass Deportations. The Peasant War Against Soviet Power (July 1929 – September 1930)”


Grynevych’s reasearch project seeks to reconstruct the day-to-day life of Ukrainian society on the basis of substantial and varied sources, to offer an entirely new view of the prehistory, sociopolitical and cultural context, to reconsider the Famine’s causes, circumstances, background and periodization; and to determine the extent and forms of peasant class resistance to the authorities as well as the role played by the intertwined social and national questions in popular anti-Soviet sentiment.
Specifically, Grynevych plans to focus on the problems associated with the start of forced collectivization of agriculture, dekulakization, mass deportation and the peasantry’s war against Soviet power from July 1929 – September 1930. One expected result of the research will be a structured database that will allow for the mapping of the deportation of kulak families from Ukraine in 1930 and the mapping of mass peasant demonstrations and uprisings against Soviet authorities in Ukraine in 1930.