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Fellows for Academic Year 2012-2013

Shklar Fellows for 2012-2013

Mariya Mayerchyk

Mariya Mayerchyk

Research Associate, Institute of Ethnology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Area of Study:

Cultural anthropology, history

Title of Research:

”Transformation of Intimacy: Reform in the Sphere of Sexuality in Ukraine (from the 1890s to 1930s)”


Mayerchuk notes that the process of mass modernization in East/Soviet and Western Ukraine during the period from 1890s to 1930s resulted in rapid changes in private life and the emergence of modern sexuality.
Her research will focus on the processes of intimacy modernization, and in particular, on the mechanisms which transformed the traditional norms of sex life into the norms of modern sexuality in Ukraine. Some of the questions Mayerchuk plans to research are: How and when did Ukrainian modern sexuality appear? How is intimacy understood in traditional culture? What is the emotional history of the Ukrainians? How did the concept of love influence the organization of the private sphere in the Ukrainian premodern and modern cultures? How did changes in the sphere of sexuality influence the lives of women and men?