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Fellows for Academic Year 2018-2019

Georgiy Kasianov

Georgiy Kasianov

Professor, Institute of the History of Ukraine

Title of Research:

“Image of the Other: Uses and Abuses (Poland – Ukraine – Russia, Short 20th Century)”


Kasianov’s research project comprises an interdisciplinary study on the use and abuse of the image of ‘the Other’ in the period after the crash of Communism in Europe (1989/91 to the present). His study is based on the case of three neighboring countries: Ukraine, Poland and Russia.

In his study, Kasianov will analyze the stereotypes imprinted in the image of the Other in these countries; the techniques and tools aimed at creation, use, misuse, and abuse of the image of the Other; and the historical and cultural genealogy of this image of the Other. He also aims to disseminate the project results among policy makers and the general public.