Oxana Shevel, HURI Associate

February 17, 2016. Oxana Shevel, political scientist of Tufts University, shares her reaction to the political crisis in Ukraine. 

October 29, 2014.The Washington Post:How Putin turned Ukraine to the West.

April, 2014. JUPS: Ukrainian Political Science and the Study of Ukraine within American Political Science: How Similar, How Different? 

March 25, 2014.The Washington Post:To strengthen claims on Crimea, Russia and Ukraine woo Crimean Tatars.

March 19, 2014. Interview on Radio Islam:Who are the Crimean Tatars?

March 12, 2014. Foreign Policy:What Doesn't Kill Ukraine.

January 29, 2014. Al Jazeera:Back from the brink in Ukraine?

January 29, 2014. Interview on VOA (in Ukrainian).

Who are the Crimean Tatars, and why are they important?

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